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We are your best supplier and partner in Taiwan!
We understand customer needs, and accept R&D commissioned by customers from all over the world, and provide professional foundry services. Our products are made in Taiwan throughout the entire process, providing customers with the best quality.
Our products use food contact grade masterbatch raw materials, which do not contain heavy metal components, and comply with relevant international regulations. Food contact grade masterbatches can be added to food packaging materials or baby bottles and other materials, which makes our products healthier to use.
We also pass the CSR audit every year to give customers peace of mind and security.

Cooperation Process:
1. Understanding of customer needs 
discussion on style and color requirements and design proposed by customers

2. Preliminary Quotation 
A rough quotation based on the product content discussed in the preliminary discussion

3. Product sample proofing
preliminary sample production of customized products

4. Sample adjustment
adjust and modify according to customer feedback

5. Product quotation 
confirm the proofing product and the packaging method and quantity to make a formal quotation

6. Order confirmation
customized packaging materials accessories, manuscript confirmation, reply delivery date

7. Production shipment
product production, packaging inspection, acceptance delivery