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  • Antibacterial Bath Sponge

    Antibacterial Bath Sponge

    This product adds effective antibacterial ingredients to reduce the growth of bacteria in the bath sponge, and has passed the SGS antibacterial test, allowing customers to use it with peace of mind.
    The antibacterial materials used in this product have passed EPA, FDA, BPR, REACH, RoSH, and Japanese safety certifications.
    The antibacterial ingredients of this product can also be added to bath brushes or other products.

  • Recycled Plastic Bath Sponge

    Recycled Plastic Bath Sponge

    Use 100% recycled plastic to make bath sponge, the raw material has GRS global recycling standard certification

  • Bamboo Charcoal Bath Sponge

    Bamboo Charcoal Bath Sponge

    With the addition of micron bamboo carbon, bamboo carbon molecules can effectively absorb human body dirt and give you a better sense of cleanliness.