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  • Classic Bath Brush K-005
    經典款沐浴刷 K-005

    Classic Bath Brush K-005

    The most classic style bath brush can effectively clean the dirt on the back with good foaming effect.
    The minimalist appearance of this product is suitable for mass production and the production speed is fast.

  • Bath Brush K-016
    沐浴刷 K-016

    Bath Brush K-016

    This bath brush has a beautiful appearance and adds a sense of beauty when bathing. It can clean the hard-to-clean parts of the back. The color can be customized according to customer needs, and it can also be made into different colors to increase the sense of hierarchy.

  • Wave Handle Bath Brush K-016 L&S
    波浪柄沐浴刷 K-016 L&S

    Wave Handle Bath Brush K-016 L&S

    This bath brush has a wavy handle, which can exert more force when brushing the back, and has a good foaming effect. It can easily wash away invisible dirt on the back and make the back smooth.
    The color of the product can be adjusted according to customer needs.

  • Double-sided Bath Brush

    Double-sided Bath Brush

    This bath brush is a double-sided brush shape, which can easily clean the back regardless of the angle.
    The color can also be adjusted according to customer needs. A bath brush can choose three colors at the same time, or you can choose similar colors to create a gradual effect.

  • 2-in-1 Bath Brush

    2-in-1 Bath Brush

    The two-in-one bath brush is a combination of soft bath sponge and exfoliating bath sponge, with cleansing and exfoliating functions.
    When cleaning the back, you can use a soft mesh cloth to scrub the back to remove dirt, and then use a wrinkled mesh cloth to exfoliate. The handle of this shower brush is designed with wavy fine lines to prevent sliding, and users can easily grasp it.
    This product is suitable for customers who like more features.

  • Elastic Wash Back Towel

    Elastic Wash Back Towel

    Multiple ring structures and elastic fibers make this bath product have excellent extensibility, which is very effective when used to clean the back. The color can be adjusted according to customer needs. It can be made in a single color or in multiple colors for customers to choose.
    The overall length of the product can also increase or decrease according to customer needs, not limited to the nine-section structure.

  • Imitation Loofah Bath Towel K-021
    沐浴網塊 K-021

    Imitation Loofah Bath Towel K-021

    This bath product is made of exfoliating nets.
    This product can be worn on the hand to clean the body and scrape the keratin. It is small and convenient to carry out.
    This product is suitable for hotels to provide customers to use, so that travelers can take care of their skin when traveling or on business.
    It also effectively saves the use of shower gel.

  • Protective Netting

    Protective Netting

    This protective netting can be used to prevent other products from bumping and can be used in various product packaging, such as wine bottle packaging or bouquets to reduce damage, and can also be used to protect fruits from mosquito bites.
    The width and length of the protective net and the grid size can be adjusted according to customer requirements.

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